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Western Union

Snapchat and Facebook Filters

The Snapchat lenses were created in Lens studio, and the Facebook lenses were created in AR Studio.

At Groove Jones, I helped to create Snapchat and Facebook filters to promote Western Union and their new headquarters in Denver. Each filter represents Denver and Western Union as one entity.

I developed the mechanics of the filters in Javascript and designed the layout. I also created the logos for the Hipster and Sunglasses lenses.

Other members of my team created the art assets. 

How to View the Filters:

The QR codes with dot patterns are the Snapchat filters. These can be viewed by opening Snapchat and holding the camera up to the code. Place your finger on your screen on top of the code. Press and hold until you get a message to unlock the filter.

The QR codes with line patterns are the Facebook filters. Open your phone camera and scan the code. Click on the notification that pops up. It will take you directly to the Facebook app. The filter will be up and ready to use.

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