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Merge VR

Merge Disco Ball

Build in Unity with Vuforia

Assets created in Maya

Textures created in Photoshop

For this project, I wanted to take an object that is not traditionally hand held to provide the user with a new experience. The guidelines I was given were for it to be colorful and kid-friendly. 

​I decided to create a handheld disco ball in AR for iOS and Android. 

I created a normal map to mimic disco ball mirrors in Photoshop and wrote a shader in Unity to create the reflective illusion. The shader accounts for reflections, color, and metallic properties. The color of the disco ball is based on a rainbow image I edited in Photoshop.

The lights around the disco ball are circular planes with a particle texture. They have a script attached that adjusts their scale and speed based on an audio visualizer I created. It listens to a specified song and randomly assigns each plane to a category to make them scale along different parameters - treble, bass, and beats per minute. The disco ball only listens to beats per minute. 

Lastly, I took the same color image on the disco ball and created a camera filter to give the illusion of the room being effected by the lights. 

I designed the splash screen in Photoshop. 

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