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Luminess Beauty

Build in Unity with AR Foundation & Face Tracking

Makeup overlays created in Photoshop

At LaPraim, I created this AR mobile application as part of the Luminess Ecommerce application. We used Unity along with AR Foundation for iOS and Android platforms. This AR section of the application gives users a chance to virtually try on makeup before making a purchase. It features blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, and mascara. I painted all the makeup in Photoshop which can be viewed below. 

The AR portion also provides the functionality for the user to take photos and record themselves wearing the makeup and saves it to a gallery within the application. My code for taking and saving videos and photos can be seen below.

The social sharing function was created using a plugin.

Taking a screenshot.

How the photos are displayed in the gallery.

How the videos are

loaded and displayed.

How the videos

are saved.

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